Friday, July 16, 2010

shakin' it off

 A decent Nights sleep is important for ones health even if you don't have issues like Fibromyalgia. i emphasize Night for the fact that humans are on a biological clock known as the Circadian Rhythm that makes sleeping at night an actual need for our bodies proper function.

 i once was a night owl... preferred the night shift whenever possible. In fact my Husband and i spent our first year together driving Truck. He drove daytime, i drove nights. They said we'd be divorced before the year was up... little did they know! Who are They anyway?

      When this last health mystery came up i hadn't been sleeping well at night. So many things on my mind, being all wound up over crazy things going on in the community and the church as well as the stress of my job driving shuttle bus. Then there were family issues...but aren't there always family issues? maybe not. Anyway, sleep was elusive, life became a struggle, every day got harder to deal with. 

      i began paying attention to Them this time, those ones who have an answer for Everything and a criticizm for Anything they decide is their business, which it largely isn't. i tried the best i could to listen to Them since my own fuzzy mind was playing tricks on me and my body was freaking me out with this bizarre new thing. But my Dearest One, My Husband, did his best to remind me... that i knew better what was happening to me than Them... those ones he aptly calls "Well Intentioned Dragons": Those ones who mean Well... but end up Dragging you down & tossing you into the Well of despair...&  Well, that's just plain mean when all is said and done! Seriously.

................... Did i lose you there?

    Yeah...that's how i felt. Lost at the bottom of a full of slimy fungus and creaturely apparitions: Toxic people. One of the toughest parts of my recovery was in learning not to listen to Them because, i love people. It was hard for me to see past all the negatives to recognize the faces of the true sweethearts that were nearby waiting to offer their Care, their Love and Encouragement.

       We left Oregon while i was still literally Under the Weather, as the inversion layer was squashing me down as usual. i did not say enough Thank You's and i Love You's to the good folks who helped launch our little old Buzz down the Bumble Bee highway in search of our desert Island.  

       This last week was a break through week for me. After following a Detox program... nutritionally as well as spiritually... it's as if a Bubble Popped in my head, the way it feels when given a big dose of  Oxygen... things that were fuzzy are clearing up... The sun seems brighter somehow...

 (i'm in a desert it's always bright...=)

 but somehow This is different... at last i think i'm getting clear of the muck...


 shakin' it off.

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