Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Helo my luvs!

CocoMoco adorez my Sweetie B.s shoez... This would make them the "Catz Meowz"...uh-huh.
   This "Young man" (as my sweetheart calls him) has been my main 'kare-kiddle' throughout the ups and downs of this journey through the fogbanks. He sleeps next to me and sometimes perches right on top of me like a mother hen hatching a very large egg. He walks with me everywhere i go, & his favorite place is in my lap Sitting like a little Gorilla so i can rub his chin and belly. "BellyWhompers"!
We learned long ago that He is sensitive to certain chemicals most people assume are fine for pets such as in Flea treatments. Also He & His Sister, Slippersdoodles, can not tolerate the additives and dyes most commercial companies use in cat kibble. So far we haven't had a flea problem here in the desert. The kiddles stay in-doors because of stray dogs and coyotes that roam the "Trailer-hood". We found a brand of kibble that has no dyes or other strange additives ... so they say... i read the label . We're all going through a "ratty" season though, Shedding and skin changes due to this dry environment. We're gittin' up there in age too... so ...... So there!
     i learned a new word today on our local Country (& a little bit more) music station... "Trailer-hood" ... instead of Neighborhood...Can't wait to ask my Neighbors if they've heard this one yet.!

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