Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank fullness

                                                      "In the beginning was the Word"

i am Thank-full for the Word of God that is given as his love letter to his peoples here on this tiny dust speck out in the space of his Grand Universe. We are but dust and from that dust he creates his work of art ... He is the Potter... we are the clay.
How marvelous is this!
*** Unfathomable!
* Beyond my ability to comprehend.

When i read this Love letter from the Old Testament to the New...all of it together... not separate as some people do... then look at the things that occur daily...
The scientific discoveries.. the sociological issues, Governments, society, issues of health in mind and body, the way the earth has been formed and how it's course has run...
*Where the world sees a mystery, i see a God that knows exactly how he created it...
*Where the knowledge of man sees Evolution...
.........i see the Creation from the beginning pure and untainted, perfect...
To the beginning of it's De-volution with the fall of man when Adam and Eve chose to rely on hearsay and rumour from one disgruntled spirit and made the choice to be consumers of  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical toxicity instead of truth. Death came dressed up as something desirable. It looked good! The "salesman" said it would make us smart, he said we'd benefit in ways unimagined; That we'd be More than we were. We bought in to the lie... and ....

Chaos took over where we were unwilling to stand up against it ....
........ but God, our Father ... still stands before us offering his hand of love and peace when we his toddlers get tired of running off in all different directions yelling "NO!"insisting we can do it all by ourselves and that everything is "MINE!" because we're selfish and don't want to share.

i am Thank-full for the Word of God that shows us the way, Who shows us "The Way, the Truth and the Life."  When we open our hearts & minds to the Word.... when we open our eyes and look into the Truth of the Way He speaks of ... blurriness fades...the toxic fog begins to lift.... and we are invited once again to Breathe in the breath of Life ... to drink from the living waters that flow from the realm our spirits were created to share with the Father of all creation.

So this is my Thanks-giving to The One who made all the things we can imagine to be Thank-full for even those wonders unimaginable..
      "No eye has seen, 
                     nor ear heard,
          no mind has conceived
               what God has prepared for those who love Him"
          but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.  1st Corinthians 2:9-10
                                   Thank You God for the gift of life.
    That we are in Your hands becoming the creation you intended      from the beginning of time.
               Jesus, you are my life preserver.. my heart is full.
                                    Thank You!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks beeing

i am SO Thankful we No longer
 live in this kind of weather! THANK YOU GOD for helping us leave this frigid stuff behind... it was just killing me.
Yeah, i know some folks LOVE this stuff and just so you know ... there is a nice little ski resort up there at the top of the Hill.
Pretty to look at...but having been a professional driver, i hated it all the more as those folks who did not know how to drive in it were the Worst hazard out there.
 i am enormously grateful for the experience of being in the Northwest, the privilege of knowing the lovely people that lived there.
Some of them predicted we would return ... & while i do miss them ... i absolutely do NOT miss the weather.
So ...NO, there is little chance that we will move back. We generously leave it's loveliness to those who appreciate skating across parking lots and shoveling sidewalks; Chopping wood and defrosting plumbing.
i did used to love the smell of wood smoke during the cold season... but this was just one more thing that exacerbated my environmental sensitivity.
i'm Thankful to be here.
With my Honey B. and our precious kiddles.
Thankful for bee-ing
in the warmth of the moment.
With the sweetness of friends,
specially new ones!
Thank You Mama-Bug
for bee-ing there when i was having trouble even praying for myself.
Thank you all for praying for me...
for us.
Hub-B. says
"May God Bless You!"