Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bird Water-er

My Camera is So Bad... this is the best Humming buddy pict' i could come up with ...
But i Just LOVE these Funny little critters!

This morning i went out to water our salad garden and mini Palm tree grove was under 50* out there so i was taken by surprise when one of our resident Hum-B's flew up to my face as if to say ... "Hey Watch This!" then dove like a tiny arrow strait down into the spray coming from beneath  the stream of water as i held the hose transfixed...

Was this a fluke? Did This little Dude Actually just fly Through that shower? Oh Yes... He Sure did!!  Then he dove back in over and over while i did my best not to drop the hose hands & arms were getting tired! At one point this little jewel  landed on the gravel & just sat there under the cold shower... Ohhh... What FUN!!
i know birds love baths... my Grandfather raised parakeets and canaries for years in an out door atrium and now that i think about it i Do remember something about spray misters as well as tiny little birdy bathtubs set along perches inside his lovely bird sanctuary.
Yes... Now i remember ... wild birds also love the spray of garden sprinklers ... i've mused over how darling they are as they fluffle & preen their feathers under people created April-showers.
So much i have forgotten... & what a fun way to be reminded how lovely our co-existance with Gods Creation can be.
i was So Pleasantly Surprised by this little Sweety's Boldness, his vigor in staking claim to this moment of joy.... & necessity; i'm thinking.
We all need our cleansing showers in one way or the other ... physical Water based Ablutions (i love that old fashioned word:) and renewing Spiritual showers brought by the light of Love and truth.

Create in me a pure heart O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10

Saturday, January 15, 2011

na-abugg haz a bugg

Guess my New Years resolution should have been:
* To avoid the flu like the plague!
Oh well.
The flu bugs flew in on the wings of the Snow-birds who got blown in to town via the many snow storms that are occurring throughout this grand old country.
Since Hubby worked at the Hub of the towns commerce center .... of course he was nipped by a Bug which then followed him home like a homeless puppy.
a really mangy one!
i'm glad y'all know This bug is already Really slow at posting here, so No one panics when i don't poke my head out for a bit.
i have been peeking at every bodies wonderful New Years doings though... and feeling SO encouraged to see so much good happening around me.
Just wanted to say "Hi!"
and "Keep Up the Good Work"!
to all of You.
Oh, and Good news!
Hubby has a new & better job!
Still in the commerce sector but a better place, none the less. We're happy with it.
Thanks to all of you who prayed !
 It's funny but Just like God the way this came about.
We had just prayed the other morning, Asking for a change in employment...
and this very day a man came to Hub's and asked if he would be interested in working for His company.
We're in a small town... apparently Hubby's reputation for being a cheerful, encouraging & hard worker, has gotten around.
What a wonderful Blessing this is!
The new place is a Big improvement!


Stay Healthy Y'all!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby it's Cold outside

i know...i know...
This is Not seriously cold compared to much of the weather in the blizzardly parts of the world... but for Us desert dwellers; This is Cold enough; Thank You! i had to cover my Chard garden & hope it wasn't Chilled to freezin' by morning!
Oh, did i mention yet?? We did have a lovely Chard salad on Christmas day... Hey ... it was great! What a lovely backwards season surprise that was! i could get used to this!))

We have lettuce now! YaY! it's a bit spindly at this time... i've never seen such wimpy lettuce in my life though, since trying to grow it here! i'm hoping it will flesh out as it matures, it's a leaf lettuce that looks like droopy oak leaves ....It's really......................................

  ........ Pitiful!
Have i talked about lettuce already? Gee, you wouldn't know such little things could mean so much in a life ... but they Do...They Do!

When a life has been limited for whatever reason or season we endure, These little things Do mean something. i look out there to this Bloggosphere and see peoples doing far loftier things and where once i could only wish and dream while enjoying others triumphs; i can now enjoy these tiny things, these steps as though they were monumental; cause for me they are and it's Huge to be coming out of the fog like this. To have begun healing from the disappointment of the loss we had and now to be seeing each day that my body is beginning to make changes for the better.  i can now wear my running shoes and flats without having to change to my big floppy slippers a few hours later...the edema is residing more and more and now i can see where the exercise has been doing me some good.

Peoples tend to look at me and see my puffy face, see my over round features and assume i am just a lazy couch potato who does nothing  but sit around eating my life away. An acquaintance recently told me all this was in my head, that there's no such thing as Fibromyalgia or Environmental illness...that i use it as an excuse to stay away from stuff i don't like or don't want to do. i've heard this before of course, and their wrong. i only wish it were as simple as that. It's not. As i begin to think more clearly i hope to research more and be able to share what it really is.

But for now i just have to say that  i'm SO grateful for friends who truly care and show it by letting me share these little things and enjoy their lofty things... it's So exiting to be participating in  life these days!

Just to prove it ... i did something Lofty (for me) today! With the help of my True Love... cause i was a little unsure of myself... it's been so long since i did this....i was inspired by this chilly winter day and decided that it was time to re- introduce myself to the art of ...

Bread making !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

letting go

Good Bye 2010's been nice knowin' Ya!
i met some nice peoples
made some new friends,
learned new things
tried to make amends.

Rekindled old friendships,
let go of some.
Welcomed new ideas 
 said no to more than one. 

Life is not a vacuum
what we do, think & say
has affect on others bloom
our thorns can bring dismay.

i will remember
in how i choose to live
not the love of me
but of the one

makes the difference.
i choose each day
each hour
each minute
remember Love;
that Jesus

Today's a brand new day
a brand New Year.
what are we going to do
for Love?

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year!

(This is an 'on the spot' attempt at poetry... a challenge for the new year ... to stretch my mind and heart in new directions.
You might tell me to "not give up my day job" ... but since i don't have one ...
oh well.
Guess i get to stretch Your minds & perhaps your hearts
.... just a little:)

Thanks for being You!

luv & buzz'z