Friday, July 22, 2011

Where R we goin' ??

    Recently B.B. & i scouted out an area of this state we have been considering a move to for the better part of a year.  It's in a cooler region a little higher in elevation and has fantastic potential for filling our desire to have a small piece of dirt in which to begin efforts at self sufficiency.  We wish to have chickens, and a garden at least. My efforts down here  in this scorched earth are abbysmal, with the exception of a healthy Avocado sapling grown from The most bodacious seed we've ever found in a softball sized Avocado.
Solar power is something we favor since this territory is made for it. And we're looking into other off-grid "low-tech" alternatives to support our home.
Both of us have complimentary backgrounds that make such an endeavor a
Bill is  great at maintenance and carpentry, He's very talented with wood and other materials, machinery and tools. i have a background in agriculture/horticulture, livestock and gardening. Through my child hood all the way to college no less.
One of my first 'Pets' was a Chicken.... Yeah... a little Banty hen some incredibly loving member of my family encouraged me to name "Dumplings" .... nice huh?<
i was 3 or 4 years old.
 i used to run off into the canyon with my dear little pet when the inevitable threat would come....
"We're going to have chicken and "DUMPLINGS"  for dinner tonite!"
To this day i am amazed i did not get eaten by one of the numerous packs of coyotes that lived in those canyons, but i would run away thinking my feathered friends life was in more danger at home.
Dumplings must have had a righteous Guardian Angel, i tell ya ;>
Oh Well,
Mud under the bridge.
i guess this is why i have such a warped sense of humor.

Any ways ... To the point....
We took the road trip and discovered wonderful opportunities to put our dreams into motion.  With a possible twist in the employment scene.
For both of us.
Not certain of a time-frame yet,
but .....
it couldn't happen soon enough for me!

In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines
his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Friday, July 15, 2011

No Comment

For some Crazy reason i have Yet to figure out...
 i have not been able to respond to comments on This here blog of mine .... So i am sorry if it seems i've snubbed you, Dear friends.
 Also there are a few blogs i follow that no longer show i follow them... ??
Does that make a lick of sense?
i'm all but certain it's something i'm doing the wrong way or ??? Since most of my time is still spent in that Fog bank they now call Fibro-fog, it's difficult to know.
 What a weird state of mind it is!!
 i used to apologize endlessly for this state of Bee-ing i am often in, but anymore it's just The way it is... and i'm tired of beeing the "Sorriest" person on planet Earth...
Actually... i have my own planet now ... We call it Zupitorb... with it's two moons... Otip and Itorb.
So now, Is this Bizzaar enough for you?
Anyway that's where i spend a large part of my time ...
on Zupitorb or somewhere in it's orbit.
Zoning out.... with the kiddles... Abbys, Slippersdoodles & CocoMOco-coco.
My body stays on planet Dirt...
 i mean ... Earth.
Someones got to do the chores after all!))
It's not like i'm gonna disturb her Abbys-ness when she's doing her best impression of an
upside-down bearskin rug.
Thanks Y'all
for 'Bearing' with me/us.
(pun intended;p)
i'll still comment on your Blogs if they let me...

"Be completely humble and gentle;
 be patient,
with one another in love."
Ephesians 4:2

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La-La Blah-Blah land

Yes, i know ...
 i've been derelict in my blogging duties ....
What can i say?
guess it's time i thought of something .... Aye?
This is a Blog after all...
uh huh.
looks like it's s'posed to be a blog...
but then ...
maybe i misread ....
perhaps i'm mistaken.

Perhaps this is a BLOB  ......
perhaps it's supposed to lay around in the middle of nowhere and just do what BLOBS  do?
Bee a BLOB...
did i say BLOB???
Sorry i meant ...
Maybe it's a big BLAH!

 it's not ...
 i am.
it's me...
i am

This is the look i get from  Slippers-doodles as she listens in ... to my muddled thoughts ...
and yes she IS a mind reader.
It's much easier than you know....
when the mind being read is in a state of
i love these furrys.... they keep their eyes on me from sun-up to sun-down and their furry little buttz on me when darkness surrounds our tiny realm of wonderment.
Oh... sorry... sometimes it's just a furry paw stretched out toward me as i fight to find sleep or fight sleep.
either way i am always under "Watch and See"...
it's their occupation in life...
to keep watch over their peoples
and see to it that we carry on with daily living to the best of our abilities,
no less, no more.
Actually More is always the goal in our household
More crunchies, More open windows, More chin scritchy's, catnip micey's, Bottle top twirleys,

It's all well & Good .
Since actually...
my la-la blah blahs are all i have left in me after our daily tasks,
 the good news here;
besides extra special attentive caregiving Furrys Extra-ordinary efforts....
We have added Bike riding to our daily's...
Sweetie Bee found a replacement bike for me after the other got stolen >:[
and i am now enjoying outings almost every day.
Plus,plus, we found a used stationary bike for me to use when my head is too "swimmy" to stay upright on the new  bike...
it's not like i've been doing nothing...
( really Now ;} )
Monsoon has rolled in ... one big-huge gully washer to the next ...
with this
 & the summer heat,
 it is HOT & Muggy ...
But it's still SO Much better here:)

Psalm 107:35
 He turned the desert into pools of water
and parched ground into flowing springs;
 there he brought the hungry to live,
and they founded a city where they could settle.

"and all God's people said...."