Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bird Water-er

My Camera is So Bad... this is the best Humming buddy pict' i could come up with ...
But i Just LOVE these Funny little critters!

This morning i went out to water our salad garden and mini Palm tree grove was under 50* out there so i was taken by surprise when one of our resident Hum-B's flew up to my face as if to say ... "Hey Watch This!" then dove like a tiny arrow strait down into the spray coming from beneath  the stream of water as i held the hose transfixed...

Was this a fluke? Did This little Dude Actually just fly Through that shower? Oh Yes... He Sure did!!  Then he dove back in over and over while i did my best not to drop the hose hands & arms were getting tired! At one point this little jewel  landed on the gravel & just sat there under the cold shower... Ohhh... What FUN!!
i know birds love baths... my Grandfather raised parakeets and canaries for years in an out door atrium and now that i think about it i Do remember something about spray misters as well as tiny little birdy bathtubs set along perches inside his lovely bird sanctuary.
Yes... Now i remember ... wild birds also love the spray of garden sprinklers ... i've mused over how darling they are as they fluffle & preen their feathers under people created April-showers.
So much i have forgotten... & what a fun way to be reminded how lovely our co-existance with Gods Creation can be.
i was So Pleasantly Surprised by this little Sweety's Boldness, his vigor in staking claim to this moment of joy.... & necessity; i'm thinking.
We all need our cleansing showers in one way or the other ... physical Water based Ablutions (i love that old fashioned word:) and renewing Spiritual showers brought by the light of Love and truth.

Create in me a pure heart O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10


  1. What a beautiful post Kare! Hummers are such special little birds. It always amazes me of the stuff these tiny little creatures are capable of. They are truly little jewels created by God's loving hands.

  2. Oh, how fun! I bet you wish you had had someone nearby to catch it on vid.

    Thank you for sharing this. :) We won't have hummers back here for a few months yet. Glad you're taking care of them for us.

  3. Thanks Mama-Bug, i just Luv these little sweeties!)

    Yes, Kathryn... i DO wish someone could catch this on Video..but could one keep up with such speedy little dudes?
    They will arrive there at Sugar Bear all fueled, fluffled and ready for your sprinklers! Perhaps you can capture them with Your Good camera?) or video-cam?

    Blessings & Buzz's