Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Bird

Another fine example of  how crummy my  camera is!
Ah well.... life is funny... sometimes the things we want to share come out kinda fuzzy in translation. So Here's another fuzzy.

i have been excited this week because this Hooded Oriole is enjoying our feeders on his stop over from somewhere South on his way up Northwards, presumably... perhaps he'll hang around a bit? The lovely splash of Orange-yellow outside my window is like our own personal spot of sunshine darting about.

We may get a Good camera after our tax rebate... Yes ... the Gov. "burrowed" a bit of our money this past year ... so now we get some of it back!

i think a decent camera would be justified.
So....  do you have any advice on a good, reasonably priced camera?
One that translates well Here?
i see Such lovely Photo's out there.

i have been a bit sad these days. So i'm Thankful for my Blogger friends who offer such cheerful words and pictures.
Like this lovely bird (really... he's so bright compared to this photo) i come to these windows on Your worlds and am blessed by your splashes of Son/sunshine.  
i appreciate these So Much! 
Perhaps this sounds odd, but, i am also Thankful for those of you who are able to share disappointments here... knowing we are not alone, is a comfort. 
Not all our trials are exactly the same, i know, but i appreciate being able to offer prayers up for my friends... to in some small way help "carry one another's burdens". This helps me, to not be always thinking of myself. i believe this is good. 

For what it's worth .... i pray daily Blessings for All of you!
i know Jesus loves You more dearly than my words could express.
it's why B.B. & i read His words every morning.
Do You?
Hubby & i read Isaiah 45 this morning
i love verse 9
about the clay arguing with the potter..."What are you making?"
Romans 9:20,21 also speaks of this Potter/clay relationship
"Why did you make me this way?"
have i been feeling like that bratty lump of clay lately.
i just really wish God would let me In on his plans for me sometimes,
it's Really hard to "Be still &
 wait, wait, wait."
but i keep remembering that  His word says:
Ecclesiastes 3:11
"He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

So, today i am grateful for the windows,
the visions of beauty
out there,
the hopes for beauty shared. 
Found beauty,
Eternity set in our hearts
shared and noted.
Thank You
from my fuzzy, buzzy heart to Your sweet Hearts!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yup's 86 degree's here in the Desert Southwest.
And ... a stinkin' virus buffaloed me and i thought i had been 86'd from all things virtual..... no Velocitraptor taming for me!
for eons!!
Hey but it's all just fine & dandy by me ... being here in the desert has been good enough for me i just thought it was a good opportunity to take on the world.
First mistake was to accept a job offered .... Not really a mistake... just a miscalculation on my part... Apparently i'm Not quite ready to dive back into the pond of life with all the lovely smellin' peoples.
What was amazing to me was how everybody is out there saying there are no jobs ... yes i know it's true ... but i was not really looking for a job... it came looking for me!
Had my wimpy body been able to cope with the chemical soup the world is bathed in ... i would have loved to keep this job.
but once again i had to slap my inner desires aside and accept the outer reality...

*See that BIG-Bird in the upper corner of the came by and popped my tiny Hot-air balloon... so i had to end That flight a little sooner than i hoped;>

But OH... the view was lovely while it lasted.

Hubby's new job is going along just beautifully... so we are o.k. financially ... we've never really worried about money stuff anyway..... but ... i have always enjoyed putting my efforts into things.. i like trying out different occupations... slipping on another type of hat ... so they say... put myself into another persons shoes...
have i worn out the cliche's Yet??
It  seems the virus wasn't the problem i thought it was... and after my head cleared i was able to 86 the stupid thing, til next time i guess. When another one decides to flop by like Big-Bird and poke another hole in my bubble head.
They say what doesn't kill you will make you stronger....
is that Stronger Smelling? 
Please... i've had enough overload for the month...
Oh Yeah...
i discovered that Zinc oxide helps keep stinky armpits at bay.
at least for me.
No Fragrance please.