Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thar Bee SNOW!

picture by John Gutenkunst for the Parker Pioneer

See That!
It Snowed on Sunday
at 4,131 ft.
or so.
These are the Whipple Mountains
on the other side of the Colorado river,
The California side.
It was an interesting site to see from our desert home
and This is as close as i want to get these days.

i never did like snow.

 It got chilly here too;
Rain and sun at the same time
but at least the rain settled the dust that had been kicked up last week.
We get lots of blowing dust here.

We were glad for the rain
it was good for our experimental garden.

i have Zucchini coming up in a pot
and chard,
lettuce and tiny carrots popping up in the box Sweet B' built for me.
We're going for broke this year...& built another, bigger raised bed.
Planted hierloom muskmelons
and will plant native squash that are said to do well here in our dry and thirsty land.
i hope to save seed in order to continue the process.
my rain barrel/bucket brimmed over with this storm so we're looking to install a larger vessle... Maybe Two!

The forcast is for more of what we're used to
Sunny & warm.

Hope all is well where You Are

 kare to join me in a Cuppa Aloe?



Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Origional- Lord Of The Dance

Did all of you know that  Donovan sang of
 "back in the day?
It's easy to forget these things under the flood of what Pop culture
and social media choose to pay attention to...
Sure most of us equate this singer with "Mellow Yellow"...
& "Jennifer Juniper ...la-la-la-la-la"!  
OH yeah ...
"...then when the Hurdy Gurdy man came singing songs of ... "
The ultimate Psychedelic tripout whether one was stoned or not.

Hey!0  i was just a kid ... not a pothead at all and that one tripped me out!

i thought some of us older kids might enjoy knowing this song is out there by someone Not entirely expected.
...by me anyway...
.    .    .

my father has been in the hospital again this week.
"Atrial fibrillation" is what i'm told.
who knows whats what with my dear Dad.
Mom & he have not been able to have their reunion as they wished...
both are in such fragile health.
Mom says Dad loves Jesus
& so
our trust is always in Our
Father, God;
looking forward to our heavenly family reunion, since earthly ones don't always materialize.
i'm unsure these days whether i will see any family members again.
Life is fleeting and everybody is so busy and/or poor...
making trips to see peoples isn't always possible.
We really can't know what a day will bring
can we.
Thank GOD... He does.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for
and certain of what we do not see. "
Hebrews 11:1





. .