Monday, September 20, 2010


So ..... What Givez anyway?? Since starting this BLOG thing several peoples i told about it.............. Snickered :<....  
What'z that all about???     

  Oh Bother.... for some stupid reason i can Not get This post to cooperate with me either!!!
Ever have one of These Days?? 
One of my favorite songs is by Barlow Girl.... "Never alone"... it speaks volumes of this thing Christians call "The walk"... and sometimes how it feels like we're not fully aware of the presence of Our Creator. We think our lack of feeling, seeing, being in sync. means separation in some way. Separation is a tough bugger to cope with sometimes. i life started at the beginning of a Big-huge separation... and has been a witness to many more such severances of relationship. Permanence is something of little strength within the fabric of human experience.
Not so with "The Word"...John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Trying to engage my family's interest in this 'Blogosphere' has been like trying to get a child to try a new food ... you know they'll love it once they sneak one more bite ... but getting them to the table is a big honking deal!
Today i tried to comment on another Bloggers site but could not get the code word or my password to work So my "special insight" never made it to them... so ... i guess i'm having a time of it anyway.
Since getting back to our dry and weary land .... this lovely desert... i have had a horrid infection raging through my body... brought on by exposures to so many things... there was just no avoiding them without bundling up in a Space suit.... this old "Earthsuit" is just so threadbare.
i have these days, weeks, months, etc.... where my mortality is in question.... as these health things take forever sometimes to resolve, my mind can't help but think how short and fragile life really is. i want to reach out to everybody and no one at the same time. i have so much to say, but nothing makes it out... of my mind or heart.

sometimes it's best that way.

i know i am not alone...
i don't really mind being alone.
sometimes it's best that way.
My husband comes home from work or church, being around peoples... and though he makes minimal physical contact with them in consideration of my sensitivities to all the lovely scents that stick like wet glue; he ends up smelling like whatever it is that was floating around the room... the little 'pig-pen' clouds of fumessence the human bee-hive lives within... All those magnificent perfumes & essential oils i once loved as a Bee loves spring blossoms.
So... in a round about way... since people literally make me sick.... and really aren't able to do much about all the modern conveniences they take for granted everyday....
i've migrated here.... to this Blogos-hive...
i hope you feel free to comment here... just say hello... i'll try to bee-have, i haven't stung anyone recently...that i know of. 
& Grace....i know i owe you a letter.... it's still buzzing around in my heart & mind.
Do people giggle at YOU when you tell them you Blog?
Bee well

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

But Wait ... There's More!

Since returning from our trip down the Rabbit hole my body has been in rebellion Big Time... the Gamut has run me over. (What's a gamut anyway? i  know, i know ... it's just me being Me-low-dramatic... don't you just love Words and language? ) i'm sittin here trying to remain seated at our old desk while having to get up and move around. My lower back muscles are in spaz mode so standing and walking feels better, takes my mind off the constant reminders. Yeeks!

Then there's poor Abby doo da looking confused at me..
"Are we gonna have a sit down & relax or are we gonna take Walkies? ? Schee 'cause either way i'm gonna be bringin' this ol chewie stogey thingy... Schee ." (in her best Bogart voice)
So.. Where was i ....were we??
 Somewhere up in Northern California.... Near the Oregon border... What the locals call The " State of Jefferson".

Yes, we were up there... getting fumigated... if memory serves me right.. Uh-huh. Is there a saying about timing? Getting it right or It getting the better of you ? Well anyway, our timing for this trip Stunk! It really Smelled! Truly... everything around us was just being hosed down and bug bombed and smoked out.... We found out the next morning the Apartment where my mother lives was being "treated" for insects. The X-terminator would be spraying the entire exterior of the building. We had tripped into Fumigation central from the Central Valley of California all the way up to the tippy top of the state, there was not a safe place for Iznaabugg to go. i felt like a bugg in a can of raid.  >:{  ... i did !

"But Wait...There's More"... not all was lost. The whole reason for this wild ride... this backwards flight of Mr. & Mrs. Bee; was to make connections.... & Connections we made. Just as the Bee goes in search of sweet flowers and when she finds them does a little Honey Bee jig of joy sharing her discovery with her Hive; we found that Sweet Nectar of Connectedness and did little dances of joy. We had fellowship, huggs and kisses, with Onyx who stayed a night with us in our motel, & we met her funny kitty Oreo...who is quite the character. There was a wonderful re-union dinner with my Sisters and our Nieces & Nephew who are awesome young adults now..So mature yet winsome and lighthearted... it was like stepping into the land of the Elven kings in The Lord of the Rings, so surreal and otherworldly to my mind...they are so stately & regal...yet mischievous, teasing & buzziness. This decrepit old heart found refreshment in the nectar of laughter, smiling faces, banter. Bittersweet indeed...knowing we would soon be flying back down south again...yet grateful and hopeful that these moments, this happy dance, might someday be repeated... perhaps the invitation to visit our honey bee haven might Bee of interest at some point in their Honey bee lives?
 There are some Lovely flowers here in the desert... Did you know?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a Buzz !

B.B & i are recuperating this week from our Bumble Bee flight to far Northern California to see Onyx-Rose, my Mother.
   It was quite a buzz- literally... my head is still buzzing from the whole experience and i'm trying to put it all into perspective. It went by Way too fast in 'real-time' and in my mind, my heart can't seem to flesh it all out..not yet anyway.
  Most California freeways are set to a 70 mph frenzy that we have not participated in for years so this in itself was mind bending. Leaving in the early a.m. was good since it made the scorching desert miles between us and the main freeway less hazardous despite the insanely paced traffic, But the darkness made it a bit like a trip down the Rabbit hole for me. Vertigo plagues me at the most inopportune times... it's better  to leave the "Dark-thirty" driving to Bill. i do my best to relax & try to enjoy the 'E-ticket' ride til the sun comes up and helps me focus further up the road.
     Anybody out there remember 'E-ticket' rides? i'm showing my age; Aye? Glad to be aging though,  i tell ya.... there've been times i wasn't so sure i'd be doing this. Though this "E.I."  may not be fatal... there are times it seems it will be. This trip up north  and the toxic minefield we encountered was one of those times and an example of why we came to this desert island and are planning to move further out away from the Human Beehive... we just aren't far enough, though it is much better here than any place we've been so far.
   Those who know the road from Needles to the I-5 freeway understand the Tehachapi's mountain pass is a big hurtle before reaching the flat valley stretches... we made it over in record time... Yippee!! or so we thought...the descent into the Valley below soon made it clear to us that i was not going to have the most enjoyable encounter... because the air down there was NOT clear... it was So hazy and acrid i could taste it on my tongue. My eyes, nose and lungs began to burn like a fire had scorched the air around us; it was so bad even B.B. complained! If you've ever had a breeze change direction at a camp fire you know how that smoke can burn ??.... Uh-Huh...  that's how it felt for me driving into that toxic smog bank. If i hadn't had the urgent need to see Onyx and the rest of my family we would have turned around right then, but we had already stretched time out too long between visits, there was no going back.

As the old saying goes... it was all downhill from there... even our hope that there would be clean air up north was erased.

     i follow fire reports for the North California forests because My family lives in The Siskiyou National forest area and i am always aware of the conditions. i used to work for the U.S.F.S.  where i learned a little bit about weather and it's effects on the forest eco-system.... i also  track fire activity and keep family and former co-workers in my prayers when fires occur. Well, there had been lightening strikes all along the Northern forest with fires still smoldering when we arrived, so there we were.

Whats that??  "Out of the frying pan... into the ....?" ... Yup... & breathing it!

   One of my sisters commented how there had been none of the normal breezes to clear the air... and people in the area were having trouble with allergies & such. The break we had desired was denied.  
We checked into a Motel close to family as all of them had upheavals within their homes... one sister was having major re-modeling to her kitchen, the others Husband had just had knee surgery and my mothers apartment would not allow Abby because she's too big and scary . So here's a shameless and unsolicited plug for Motel 6 who welcomed our big girl without even flinching and also did not clean the room with smelly chemicals while we were there... they just vacuumed, changed the linens and gave us fresh towels. What sweet hearts! We brought Abby specifically for Onyx as she is a dog lover above all and this trip was for her as much as us... we joke back and forth about her looking forward to seeing Abby more than B.B. and i... it may be true ;) So anyway we were very Thankful to Motel 6 for making our time on the road so much easier. (and No i am not being compensated in any way, shape or form, they were just very good to us!)
   As we were settling in our room my Sister & Mom drove up having themselves been on the road from a trip to the Dr.s ...A sight for sore eyes. Many kisses and hugs and nonestop talking then my sister left Mom with us at the Motel and we shared some time. She & Abby bonded as only a Grandma and "child" can and we were all happy. 
The next hurtle for me was at Mom's apartment... the building was highly scented with all those things people use in public places...scented air "fresheners", cleaning products, bengay and old spice, all those lovely things people can't live without and i can't live with. Mom's personal apartment had been cleaned beautifully spiffy and of course there were fragrances of her own special choice permeating her environment. i did my best to cope and not breath too deeply... not easy. {*-*}
   Well, i need to take a breather so i'll have to get back to the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say, on the next post... or as my Sweetie B. always says "But wait, there's more!"
   Till then ...  Bee Well and Bee Swell... Blessings from above.