Saturday, November 24, 2012

Off the beaten path

The sound of Giant Hornets
fills the air
around the 
Easy bake oven 
this morning...

i had forgotten that the Power boats would be out on the river today.
It's the second day of the American Power Boat Associations
Thanksgiving Regatta
here on the Colorado River.
We are at least a mile from it,
 as the crow flys
but it sounds like they're chewing up the dirt right outside our door.
We watched these boats plow and waffle over the
1.2 mile (sort of) oval watercourse
the first year we were here.
Nothin like stickin' a big old engine on a tongue depresser & watching it bob & weave in circles.
To each his own i suppose.
The silence is really noticeable when they cut thier engines.
One of the stray kitties has adopted our portch and decided that we are acceptable.
Most of the ferral cats here don't want any human contact but this one is the exception.
looks like we have a
Portch kitty
if it stays.
i decided to feed him and we are taming each other.
It's a beautiful shiney black, when it isn't covered in dust.
 "Dusty" for short.
So far he's allowing the birds to use their birdbath in peace...
they hop aside when he wants a drink.
i've given him a bowl of fresh water but...
He preferes the bird bath water.
Happy Bee-lated Thanksgiving everyone!