Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby it's Cold outside

i know...i know...
This is Not seriously cold compared to much of the weather in the blizzardly parts of the world... but for Us desert dwellers; This is Cold enough; Thank You! i had to cover my Chard garden & hope it wasn't Chilled to freezin' by morning!
Oh, did i mention yet?? We did have a lovely Chard salad on Christmas day... Hey ... it was great! What a lovely backwards season surprise that was! i could get used to this!))

We have lettuce now! YaY! it's a bit spindly at this time... i've never seen such wimpy lettuce in my life though, since trying to grow it here! i'm hoping it will flesh out as it matures, it's a leaf lettuce that looks like droopy oak leaves ....It's really......................................

  ........ Pitiful!
Have i talked about lettuce already? Gee, you wouldn't know such little things could mean so much in a life ... but they Do...They Do!

When a life has been limited for whatever reason or season we endure, These little things Do mean something. i look out there to this Bloggosphere and see peoples doing far loftier things and where once i could only wish and dream while enjoying others triumphs; i can now enjoy these tiny things, these steps as though they were monumental; cause for me they are and it's Huge to be coming out of the fog like this. To have begun healing from the disappointment of the loss we had and now to be seeing each day that my body is beginning to make changes for the better.  i can now wear my running shoes and flats without having to change to my big floppy slippers a few hours later...the edema is residing more and more and now i can see where the exercise has been doing me some good.

Peoples tend to look at me and see my puffy face, see my over round features and assume i am just a lazy couch potato who does nothing  but sit around eating my life away. An acquaintance recently told me all this was in my head, that there's no such thing as Fibromyalgia or Environmental illness...that i use it as an excuse to stay away from stuff i don't like or don't want to do. i've heard this before of course, and their wrong. i only wish it were as simple as that. It's not. As i begin to think more clearly i hope to research more and be able to share what it really is.

But for now i just have to say that  i'm SO grateful for friends who truly care and show it by letting me share these little things and enjoy their lofty things... it's So exiting to be participating in  life these days!

Just to prove it ... i did something Lofty (for me) today! With the help of my True Love... cause i was a little unsure of myself... it's been so long since i did this....i was inspired by this chilly winter day and decided that it was time to re- introduce myself to the art of ...

Bread making !


  1. Oh, Kare - it hurts me to hear of other people (often even doctors) making such stupid, hurtful, and ignorant pronouncements. If only they knew!

    To some degree they are giving into "political correctness" - where our gov't denies such things because they don't want to admit it is happening.

    One of the best forums out there for healthy living, dealing with chronic illness, and alternative med is Hawkes' Health.

    Keep on plugging, girl! : )

  2. Bless You my friend. Thanks for the link to This forum specially.

    & Yes, Dr.s with this attitude were part of the delay in my recovery process. They just avoided saying it in such a crass way >:[

    i Will keep on plugging; it's good to know we are not alone.

    You are Awesome!