Saturday, January 15, 2011

na-abugg haz a bugg

Guess my New Years resolution should have been:
* To avoid the flu like the plague!
Oh well.
The flu bugs flew in on the wings of the Snow-birds who got blown in to town via the many snow storms that are occurring throughout this grand old country.
Since Hubby worked at the Hub of the towns commerce center .... of course he was nipped by a Bug which then followed him home like a homeless puppy.
a really mangy one!
i'm glad y'all know This bug is already Really slow at posting here, so No one panics when i don't poke my head out for a bit.
i have been peeking at every bodies wonderful New Years doings though... and feeling SO encouraged to see so much good happening around me.
Just wanted to say "Hi!"
and "Keep Up the Good Work"!
to all of You.
Oh, and Good news!
Hubby has a new & better job!
Still in the commerce sector but a better place, none the less. We're happy with it.
Thanks to all of you who prayed !
 It's funny but Just like God the way this came about.
We had just prayed the other morning, Asking for a change in employment...
and this very day a man came to Hub's and asked if he would be interested in working for His company.
We're in a small town... apparently Hubby's reputation for being a cheerful, encouraging & hard worker, has gotten around.
What a wonderful Blessing this is!
The new place is a Big improvement!


Stay Healthy Y'all!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Lots of Vitamin C, D3, & Manuka honey! I'm amazed at how quickly we recover when we use this combo. Oh, and cherry juice is wonderful for inflammation (pain).

    Sending you hugs!

  2. Oh Thank You Kathryn! i Love Manuka honey! i will Definately get some Cherry juice too..oooh!
    We have Oranges coming out our Ears;>

  3. Hey Kare, hope everybody at your house is feeling better by now. No fun being sick. So glad your husband has a new job he likes. What a cute puppy photo!

  4. Thank You Mama-bug! Yes, we are recuperating. Our parks Orange tree's are overflowing...nice for God to provide a remedy right outside our doors! That pup is Abby when she was 7.months old..our plucky comic relief;>