Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hows the weather out there?

They say Monsoon is arriving early in the desert this year. My body is our Barometer, i knew the atmospheric pressure was changing before it showed up in the low hanging clouds.Weathermen talk about "Upper level lows" How come i never hear about lower level Highs? There's much to learn about the Art of Meteorology... perhaps i'm a little old to become a Weather...Person(?) Or would that be Weather -Mam?
One can always improve on their knowledge base...
Despite feeling like i had a Mac truck sitting on me, i was able to enjoy some time with the "little people"; 2 adorable preschoolers who came to swim in our puddle pool for a little bit, while Their Dad and my Hub-bub caught up on stuff. i used to work in a Pre-school, but forgot how active they are... Whew! So much fun though, it's been too long. Little ones have a way of reaching in and pulling your soul back up out of it's stagnant swamp...with such impishness.
Abby, our Overgrown Pug thinks children are the Bee'z knees... Am i obsessed with Bee'z knees?
When i was on medications for all these things legs were so swollen i didn't know i had knees! I'm off All those toxins now and i discovered i have Ankles too! Meds may be fine for some people... i needed to be free of those and so many other chemicals one would never expect to be so bothersome. This is why we moved to this dry and wondrous place. So i can Breath and feel Mostly human.
It Is So Humid here this time of year.
The running joke about the Desert is :
"It's a Dry Heat".
with a picture of a skeleton propped up against a Saguaro cactus.

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