Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

It's 3:30 a.m. Here in this desert oasis my Sweetie B. brought us to. i can't sleep. Oh s-well! This is a common occurrence for me. So my entourage; CocoMoco & Slippersdoodles have come to the big window with me to watch the sunrise and the humming buddies feed.

CocoMoco is the funny belly-up kitty in my "About Me" Photo. i will post more Pictures of our funny little troupe of "Care Kiddles" as i learn How all this stuff works. Thanks for remembering that we've all got to start somewhere, and that my "somewhere' is Now.

Our neighborhood homes take turns getting Bugg Bombed throughout the month, So i stay In-doors with the air cleaner more than i care to. Yesterday i was pleased to see that a tiny Preying Mantis has taken up watch on our scrawny sun burnt Tomato plant. Since we're Fumigation free in our yard this is a great Discovery. i only hope he likes it here. the Humming buddies (birds) are also excellent bugg catchers . Our local Roadrunner has been absent so far this year and i'm wondering if the toxic bugg population had part in this. If i could protect all these amazing creatures i would... but people are too busy with their lives to take the time to cultivate healthy environments around our living spaces. It's easier to just spray everything down.

SunRises in the Desert are the Beez kneez!

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