Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honey I'm Home !

CocoMoco has been serving as our alarm clock each morning since i can remember. i just don't remember when he decided 4:30 a.m. was The Hour ! It's like, Before the crack of dawn even... ggrrrrrrrr!( 
     Sweetie B. worked late last night so he hoped to sleep in a bit. Says He needs his Bee-auty sleep. Kiddles & i enjoyed the sunrise and  Humming buddies, How Quiet it is before the world starts buzzing about. At his usual time 'B.' got up and all seemed swell as we read The Word, had breakfast, packed his lunch n' waved our corny goodbyes as he drove off to work. About and hour later as i settled into some research on the latest political storms in our country Abby & i heard a car door close in our driveway and up the stairs comes My Sweets; His Boss had brought him home with a Migraine. He hasn't had one in a while, 3 or 4 X's a year is not unusual.
   immediately i brought him his stash of Raw unblanched almonds that seem to dampen the pain and effects very well. Then went around putting all the window shades in to darken the house so he wouldn't have to hide in our room the whole day. CocoMoco wasn't real pleased with losing his "Bird T.V." but We jump to the chance to do something for the Man who is our Hub and Hero; he's good for a snuggle at 'Dads' feet.
    My Hub-bub has been so sweet and thoughtful of me throughout this ridiculous health mystery. It's hard to believe one person can be so patient and encouraging but he has Never wavered in his cheerful support, even when i thought there was little to hope for. i was a major wreck while participating in a Med. study to approve of a new drug for this Fibromyalgia diagnosis..but we stuck with it hoping for a breakthrough. Finally the Dr. told Us the best place for me to be was 'Death Valley!'.... at least somewhere hot and dry. Love gave up his Pastorship in a tiny little church, we left the tiny house with its porch where our Rocking Chair brigade was planned... a place for friends & family. We took the leap of faith and with the help of dear friends, lightened our load and packed the rest in a goofy half sized school bus. We flew off into the unknown and found ourselves here in the desert. What others see as a Dry & Weary land, we have found to be the Biggest Blessing. i have a way to go but here at last i can breath, i can walk around the block and not be winded, i am regaining my balance and slowly i am waking up...from what seems a Rip van Winkle night mare. Hope has found a place in my heart again.
"Honey i'm home!"

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