Friday, July 23, 2010

Izabuggs life

   So maybe i didn't make myself clear.... Things that have no "known" affect on others make me sick... literally ... scented or unscented.... Man made, or Natural chemicals. As long as something off-gasses & i breath it, or it comes into contact with my skin, in any way shape or form, it can have a nasty affect on me.
 Not Everything, just stuff  one wouldn't expect. 

 Looking back down my 48 year corridor of time, from the very beginning there were many things that caused trouble for me. Not just a one time Toxic exposure but many events that most likely accumulated making life intolerable throughout early childhood... causing a conundrum for the people around me.... My Mother, Family, Teachers, Friends,Counselors, & myself.
i earned the Labels: Spacey, Shy, Reserved, Moody, Oppositional, Non-compliant, Avoidant. Yeah i like that last one; as if a child could not possibly have a valid reason why they might Avoid certain situations.
  As a child i could not understand what was going on in my mind and body. i had felt "weird" and disconnected most of my life Having had surgeries on my ears, tonsils, foot... and experienced the after affects of  the anesthesia: Ether..what do they call that now ...flashbacks? Yeah, i used to get nauseated and dizzy just sitting in my front row desk where the Teacher insisted i stay so i would "Pay Attention! "  (this was before A.D.D. was a Buzz word & Meds were the answer to Everything) i'd gotten caught staring out the window "daydreaming" with the obligatory giggles from classmates adding to my feeling of stupidity. How could they have known? 

   A boy i admired was humiliated when his teasing toss of a ball bounced off my head and i passed out after having the familiar "smell" of Ether swarm over me. He didn't mean to hurt me .. and really didn't, but everybody got scared and thought it was the mortal blow because i went down on the blacktop. It would have all been funny if  i had stayed on my feet and gotten perturbed instead. But the Principal scolded Him while pointing at me on the stupid cot they made me lay on. And i felt worse for Him.

[Disclaimer: Head injuries are not to be taken lightly and i Do appreciate the care the school took to make sure i was o.k. ]

Recently i heard  that Patchouli, a popular 'Essential oil' is a Neurotoxin. i have strong childhood memories of those who wore this potent oil. (it was the 60's People) To be fair i went in search for more info on this subject and while i found No scientific study(yet) willing to call this scented oil out as a Neurotoxin i did find out that Patchouli has long been used as an Insect Repellent. Used by the ancients who travelled the "silk road"  to discourage Moths from laying their eggs in linen and silk cargo. Also there's a type of Termite that is repelled by it.
Naturally this causes me to wonder how safe it actually is for people to be using it as a fragrance?
If the bugs can't stand it.......??

i also read how Patchouli is said to be beneficial in many ways... skin & hair care, mood lifter,
 not to mention ones Love life.
Who could disrespect that lovely idea!
It is added to many products, such as laundry softener, T.P. (yes toilet paper) and Air fresheners...which are anything but. 

Not to offend anyone who Loves this stuff .... but .... even Now when i come across a person wearing this popular fragrance.....i am instantly repelled...

 HA !

It Must be true... i Am a Bugg !

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