Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paradise lost & found

Sweetie B. bought this picture from a Mexican-American Artist many years ago. It is his favorite and depicts his idea of Paradise. Funny, He bought it in the little Town of Paradise, Cal. He often wonders where the Artist went from there. There is No signature... only that of his brush strokes.
The tiny Oregon town we moved from was as close to this as we've been. Our cabin was in the middle of town on a street fronting the railroad but there was a large blue spruce right beside it, not unlike This Cabin, only ours was not of  Log construction.
   My Love gave up So much for me in coming to this place of complete opposition. Maybe not So complete? Instead of majestic Evergreen Spruce,  there are spindly Dr.Seuss Palms. The secluded shores of a serene lake, traded for the banks of a bustling vacation hot spot on the River. People powered Canoe exchanged for Jet engine power speed boats. i don't remember Cactus up north, Not Saguaro's anyway... and have yet to find anything resembling a Morel Mushroom here. Instead of Wood stoves to stay warm...we fire up the B.B.Q. to stay fed. Mmm... Yah, We both like the Bar-B. much better!
One day while negotiating a narrow mountain road in Oregon (My husband driving; i in the Catbird seat beside him & Mother in the back seat with the window open) a gnarly Pine Beatle of Horror Movie credentials...came crawling up my Moms leg ...i saw it first and tried to alert my B. but not in time to prepare him for the equally horrifying blood curdling screem right behind his Ears.
       i thought we were due to wreck at that moment but somehow through the numbness he found the side of the road and quickly evicted the creature from the car. Lucky he had a pair of gloves... the bug did Not want to leave his comfy ride and was chewing chunks out of the leather like the wild tree destroyers they are. "Rrrriiip..*.*.. Ptooeey<<***"
    Not sure if Mom will come to the desert any time soon... But i'll be checking Every Inch of land  before She gets a greeting from This environments Horror flick creature ...the Scorpion! Now i remember why my hair is turning white. Moms was white before that , bless her heart;} i'll talk about B.s Hair later....

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