Friday, July 9, 2010

hello world

... i am new to This world of blogging but not so new to the world if age be a requisite for such things. My heart is young; the body aging as it must; though seemingly faster due to a collection of genetic and environmental factors. My mind is re-awakening from the mire of what i have recently discovered is known as Environmental Injury or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

i have been an anti-label person most of my life yet have found much personal (and i know twisted) amusement in listening to all the labels Dr.s have prescribed for me to describe the maladies i have endured for pretty much all my life... short as it really feels.

According to the Professionals i possess these wonderful qualities:

Attention Deficit
Reactive Airway Disease
and now Environmental Injury

Put them all together and it sounds like a Radio Station!
HT-AD-RAD.FM ! on the E. I. whatever network.

i call it "" for short because i am kare and This is my story of Re- awakening and sharing(broadcasting) what i've learned on a day to day basis; Recalling things already known; just forgotten or overlooked. Discovering most if not All of these issues seem to have their genesis within this umbrella diagnosis =Environmental Injury.

But when did this happen? It's hard to pin point one event... unlike some folks who encountered a specific event, my Injury seems to have been an accumulation of several events over the years.. so it just snuck up on me, til one day everything came to a screeching stop.

i know i am Not alone... there are others. Many who Know they are affected by things in the environment .................and many more who Do Not have the Foggiest idea What is Bugging them.

 Foggy is the word ...when not in a fogged stupor, We E.I.s are those annoying ones who run away coughing and gagging from:

* Smokers taking their last drag at store front doors....

*Sweet little ladies & gents, who've seemingly broken the bottle over their lovely heads.

*Cosmetics counter sales clerks offering a "spritz" of scent.

*Church services or other closed in meetings.

Yes ... we are the ones who can not quite grasp the reasoning behind the over abundance of toxic products we now must avoid ... When did society come to depend on All of these Chemicals ?

For many people, chemicals, scented and Non-scented seems to be no big deal.

For people like me it's as if the world is one big Bug Fumigator....


  1. Hey Karen! It's great that you're getting into this blogging. Maybe it's just what you need - to share what's happening, so that you can be clear of it and we can learn from you. I am so excited to be able to have such close contact ith you. Even though we're living far away, we're able to share a lot.


  2. Hi Sweetie Pie! Yes, i'm just going to put it Out There.. So people know this is Not So unusual..There are actually lots of folks who struggle and don't even know why.. if this serves as a mirror,this is good! i am exited too.. i've been such a rotten communicator over the years..retreating from the world because i couldn't deal. Thank You Grace, for helping me find my way back! Your Friendship and Indomitable Spirit has been a Big part of my recovery. Keep Your Eyes to the skys & your feet on THE ROCK.