Friday, August 26, 2011

Demolition Derby ....

Now ... as far as i know this house still stands... in the tiny mountain town of Yreka, California..What locals call the State of Jefferson on I-5 just south of the Oregon border.
 It is of course a lovely landmark, the subject of many photo studies and one of my favorite subjects during college photography classes.
It used to be known as the 'Gordon & B'anne Dunlap House'.
Who knows what New and improved name they have decided to hang on it's shingle??
If you're ever in True Northern sure to take a turn down to old town and take a look at this fine old Victorian lady.
This picture was taken the "old fashioned" way... with an Asahi ... 35 mm camera.
i love black and white... enjoyed learning the entire process from camera operation to developing film and pictures.. using different techniques to accomplish interesting effect. My favorite was an Alternative methods class ... for a more Artistic approach.
We literally got our hands into the "Sauce".
You could fill a thimble with what i can remember after taking leave of my mind in the intervening years... so although i know i can pick much of it back up again, at the moment i can't remember how to even spell the process i used on this particular photo. Funny though ... upon perusing modern Photography techniques i see the work we did with hands and goop is easily reproduced in Digital format.
i feel like a Dinosaur.
a happy Dinosaur none the less.
DejaVu... have i mentioned this before?
SO... while This house still stands .... We are in the process of pulling the one we're in apart... in hopes of repairing and replacing what we can instead of calling in the Wrecking ball.
We knew when we moved in that we were in for some major work ... we also suspected this tiny place may be so much more temporary for us. But you know....this flimsy little place got us through a "Micro burst": Arizonan for tiny Tornado. Where other peoples carports and roofing took to flight, even landing in our driveway, God saw fit to test my trust and kept our home from flying apart at the seams...which seem So paper thin to me. But i made it through this trust walk wanting seriously to bolt and run to somewhere else as i listened to the severe weather alerts advising people to leave their Mobile homes and seek shelter in the nearest ditch or low spot. There Are NO lower spots... than this that could be safely used as there also were flash flood alerts for the only low spots here... the Washes.
People die in those washes every year when they ignore warnings not to drive through when water is rushing through... no matter how shallow it seems.
Because Mr. B was at work i knew he was safe and since he had the car all i could do was to hunker down with the "kiddles". And Pray.  
It was my second 'near W.W.O.B.' experience...
(Wicked Witch On Bike )
Thank You Jesus, for getting us through this!
Our temporary home was spared and we've literally 'Weathered' several more severe weather events since coming here.
Will it survive Hurricane iznaabugg?
B.B. has split days off  and until recently we've been traveling out of town for those job prospects and following 'Snow-bird' culture ...= going to Mexico for Dental work.
He's been So tired when he gets home from work because; as with most of the country; we have the heat to deal with. Tho it's just part of  life here in the desert.
 No point complainin', besides... it's been good for me.
So...this past  month i've been RRiiipPping out the carpet that has been here for ....Eons!! and smells like it. Ugh.
B.B. Brought home a killer shop vac with extra long hose so the nasty noisy part stays outside on the porch while i slorp up Tons of desert dirt and unknown particulate matter from the balding floor.
It IS a MESS!!
It's taking me a long time because i get tired just getting the equipment set up to do this ...then of course i'm personally Demolished the next day or so.
So this is happening in Big bits, and in as little pieces as i can cut the carpet into.
Hey! Not complainin' here... just the facts...
Actually i am elated to be able to do this... i would not have been so daft as to consider this in the recent past.
A bit of frustration from having to change our latest itinerary was great fuel for getting the Demolition Derby in motion.
We will be staying in this lovely Desert oasis for now
 as we decided the Ministry Op. was not what it seemed.
Good we found out before we re-arranged our whole lives for it.
Hub-B is always asking God to either open the doors wide or slam them shut.
This Door was Slammed and the wrecking ball was swift... No lingering thoughts of
' Could-a  Would-a'.
HeY Toto ... i think we missed Kansas!!

Thanks for lettin' us BUG you Again.

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  1. Hey Kare! Love the photo of the old house, very cool. You be careful doing all that cleanup! Somewhere down the road God's gonna open up just the right door for the two of you! Have a wonderful Sunday! Love that sweet doggie face too! Hugs!