Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sauna day

Sweet B. was up by 4:a.m., i had trouble dragging my ~uh-huh~ out by 4: 15 a.m.~~ blugh! He had a cup a Joe waiting for me... My sweet-heart ! i Am blessed.
    B.B. went to work down the road... i had laundry to do down the street at the "sweat O matic" ... the temp and humidity was high and there was only a fan blowing inside closed doors ... i was told a sauna would do me good... so... instead of feeling all pity poor me i decided to just enjoy it... and for the most part, Did... until this guy showed up and started grumping about everything... NOthing was the way he wanted , everything was Wrong... and you know what??
 i Still had a Great time! i did what my Hub always does... i razzed~~  "Hey! Welcome to the Sauna! It's a Great Big crazy world and it's stinkin' Hot Yah! but you know what? We're on the Top side of this hill, Not underneath bite'n the roots of daisies!" Yah, i let him gripe some more (what else could i do?) and even agreed with him that "All" in the world is not so well... i know this everyday don't i ~~~ yup~~. Life is quite the ride isn't it. By the time my laundry was folded and i was leaving we were bantering back and forth about how funny things are.. the absurdities of life... and he said "Hey What day is today? " i said

"It's Sauna Day!"

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