Saturday, August 7, 2010

good medicine

When we came to the desert we decided a Temporary dwelling would do til we find the ideal spot to set down roots. Our tiny "Vacation Cabin" (sardine can) is a funny little old trailer home in need of a Big-huge face lift, Starting with the outrageously green kitchen cabinets! We would have painted them out sooner, but i just couldn't part with the funniness of these things... every morning i love when the sun rises and highlights how crazy my kitchen is ... it Just makes me Laugh! So B.B. found this sign for me to add to the silliness. The best part for me is when we describe our lovely color scheme to friends & then see their expressions once they get a gander at them in person, HAHAHAHAA!
So fun. 
This week i removed all the doors in order to paint them outside... if i can help it i need to limit those kind of fumes inside the house. At least til Monsoon is over and we can open all the windows & doors so it can Off-gas to the outer world for a time. Then i'll be mostly confined to the back of the place with my clean area closed off from the painted area. My already tiny living space will have gotten tinier.
Hub.B. & i have always enjoyed  remodeling our living spaces to our unique standards.... it is a challenge to do this within the limitations my Sensitivities present. We are designing our next home to be more than just a clean sanctuary, free of pollutants, but are looking to go off-grid, using solar and design to create a desert oasis free from the Hum of traffic and busyness. We'd like it to Fit in to the landscape easier than most stick houses seem to do. 
 For now we are content to play with this little place... creating an oasis in the middle of a trailer court. With the river nearby some folk decorate their homes with a maritime theme... some island style as well... Palm trees grow fairly well here... i have a mini grove growing at the front of our place. i suppose i need to be a tuffy and go out & thin it so they will grow big and tall ... but i like the wildness of  letting them have their own way. Maybe i'm strange but i like the contrast some wildness brings to the mundaness of cookie cutter "trailerhood" living. At least i hid my pink flamingo's in the inside court yard!

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