Friday, January 13, 2012

Wearing wall ornaments

i posted this picture of the goofy green socks my sweet Sister sent a while back...
i think for my birthday(?) 
OH Yes...
it was the 49-er post.

i need to go back to blogger school so i can finally learn how to do things like ..adding links to other Posts
Links to Other peoples lovely blogs i follow on the side bar.
(whatever that's called)
A while back
my bugbombed brain discovered, and latched on to:
* finding cool music videos and
*sending really crummy pictures to my Blog from our cell phone ...
so i kinda went OVERboard .. with That new knowledge for a bit.
Thanks for puttin' up with me!
i was able to take these sock 'ornaments' off the wall this week ...
it's finally cool enough to stuff my toes into socks...
AND...and ...and...
much Cooler is:
The edema has gone down even more this last month... 
i can fit these "Wild things" on my feet comfortably now!
in FACT i discovered quite happily that my favorite pair of running shoes are back to being just right.
(i sound like Goldy Locks;)

i STILL can't make comments on my own Posts despite attempts at several solutions. So...
here i go So-ing again.
(Perhaps i need to take up Sewing....again...
 i have a great old pre world war II sewing machine,
buried under storage boxes.)

The Year end stuff:
Christmas and Holiday bustle; did a number on my heart this year.
i wanted to go see peoples;
But they all live North or west where it's either too cold or too polluted for me to be half way able to cope with little things, much less the excitement of
catching up on SO much life.
Their lives have all moved rapidly forward  --->
Babies...New careers.. new boyfriends & Hubby's!
---->All that living.---->
As it should be.

i'm still somewhere back in a warp of time;
still not quite able to conceive of time passing.
Not sure if this is a Fibro/chemical thing
or just
Everybuddy is so Buzzzzzy!
i used to bee...
but when i look at everybody else it seems to me
i'm just going backwards



i've got my crazy socks and running shoes on now ...
Ha Ha!
ya better run peoples .... cause i'm gonna catch UP!


picture from:
Have you discovered this place
it'll trap you like a Real web for certain!

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