Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artsy ...oh...fartsy:[

Friend showed me a cute jewelry project,
Hers was a very pretty necklace.
She showed me how to make it
...sort of...
and this is what came out of my first effort.
To me it looks like a crown of thorns around a Trinity of beads.
 Not very pretty.
The beads captivated me and i wanted to do something...
(i'll try again & see what happens)
Since i do not wear necklaces very often i decided this will go in a window to catch this glorious Southwest Sunshine streaming so warmly through our windows.
Not to brag .... but it's somewhere firmly between 70 and 80 degrees right now.
That's why i love this place and why we are here.
Sure Summers sizzle in the 100++'s
and i love it then too!

For my friends in the
Lone Star State:
i'm very glad to hear news that The drought in Texas may be on it's way out.
We had rain last week.
i still have not made it out to watch the Washes run
during these downpours.
Perhaps we'll live nearer one in the future.

Our yard is the only one with Green in it
since we are the only one's not using weedkiller.  
..B.B. bought me a neon green weed-whacker that matches my kitchen walls..
i Love it!!

oh oh

The Anti-bugg man just drove up 
across the street.
So much
for going out to enjoy
Beeing a
Weed Whacko!
are seriously looking at the idea of picking up an old motor home
& moving out to the
sooner than later.
The future
Perhaps it's time to go watch the 


  1. There's a lot to be said for the boondocks!

    1. Don't think we have any here :-) But we do have colder weather if you are starting to get bored with yours. :-) Or better still send it our way :-) X X X