Saturday, October 16, 2010

a hunting we will go

i know this is blurry .... but Hey! At least i was outside and have something else to write about....
We planted rainbow chard in a lovely box B.B. built for us and i found Heirloom Beefsteak and Mr.Stripey tomato's for our other planters since we are doing container gardens here in the desert.
As i was watering apparently i disturbed This little dude... some sort of Gecko ... who came wobbling from beneath the rock pile next to our makeshift garden... i'm guessing that i awoke him from sleep as he was still a bit ...i caught him! And fashioned a temporary terrarium for him so i could show him to my Love when he got home from work. Gecko loved the little rock ... why i show this blurred vision... just so you know. My camera is on the blink so that's a big-huge bummer...just as i'm improving it decides to do this... ugh.
   It's been eons since i hunted & caught lizards or any critters from the wild, this was something i loved to do when i was a child i guess part of me is returning to my childhood in a way.. at least this has made me feel young again. YAY! This teeny-tiny creature is So adorable... i immediately went on line to learn all about him, learning what he eats...Buggs!!!  i found some Termites (much to hubby's chagrin)  under an old plank of wood out back and watched Gecko hunt and eat with such enthusiasm. It made me so happy to be able to provide a comfortable environment and meal for our "guest". i learned that people keep these critters as pets, how to tell male from female.. that they need warmed spots and cool areas so they can choose which they prefer at any given moment. They don't drag their tails like lizards do but hold it aloft  & wag it back & forth as a distraction to birds who might want to have a Gecko snack... the tail detaches when grabbed (Yeeowch!) and though it grows back it's not as good as the original tail it was born with. A fat tail means a well fed little buddy who will survive lean days  best.  
Any chance this is true of peoples too???  The weight loss industry would never suggest this.

Here's what he's supposed  to look like.....

& i.....



  1. Good Morning Kare! What a sweet post; do you still have your little gecko? It's always fun to have something to nuture and enjoy. I love finding toads and picking them up. Some will even chirp at you once they calm down and most have the most gorgeous gold-flecked eyes. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!!!

  2. Hello Mama-Bug...Oh i wanted to keep the little dear but we decided to let him go as i was not so good at hunting bugs..i ran out of termites!!
    We found another baby gecko and let him go with that one! Happy Son-Day!