Thursday, June 6, 2013

held hostage and Pray please

Hello Friends and family,
 Our computers are out of commission ... mine has been clobbered by a virus... so i'm at the library.
 It may be some time til we get back in shape ... please pray for us it's been one of those weeks.
 First the car broke down. .. then the computers... the camera decided to go fritz ...

other than that ...

We had a sweet 19th Anniversary celebration, just us two as is usual...
B.B. took his vacation just in time for the  car to break so we had a "Staycation"...? is that right?
Our prayers are with all the crazy things that are happening with others around the globe...
 that Jesus keeps us all in his hands where we belong.
Please, Please, dear friends... keep Jesus in your hearts.
It's the only way to get through all of it.

We love you dearly
kare & B.B.

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