Thursday, October 25, 2012

Absense makes the mind go Wander

snuck up on me this past July.
(NOT sneaky enough.)
Closed my eyes on
opened them to
BIG 5-0!
& i thought 40 was Over the Hill ?
has always been a goal of mine.
 For the longest time i didn't think i'd get here.
So, i have been out here wandering around: not all that aimlessly.
 Our search for a home here on this planet has taken us to some lovely places
and some sorrowful little Dumps.
We've discovered of course that One mans 'Dump' is another ones 'Lovely'.. and sorrow is furthest from our grateful hearts.
So Much to be Thankful for.
Not everyone needs a Silk purse to be happy;
Let the Sow keep her lovely ear.
(i quit carrying a purse when we drove truck in 95')
It's interesting beeing Married to a man who's had the joy of re-learning how to live again after a Brain Tumor that was "supposed" to end his life 30 + years ago.
Our path together these 19 years has been the best adventure i never even dreamed of ..way Beeyond anything i could have allowed myself to hope for.
B.B. does not think like others ... sometimes he shuts down and doesn't think 
"A thing".
He has to remind me of this sometimes...
 Since i was swamped by the Chemical sensitivities and resulting Fibromyalgia i have come to appreciate this fact of life more ...
What a glory it is that we DO in fact have the ability to think.. no matter how flawed our thought processes are at times.  
My love has been so very patient with my mindlessness of late; the starts and stops of functioning. i ask him, often,
 he does it and
 he reminds me that he has been there too.
We two, dwell together here,in perfect -clueless- harmony.
A match made in heaven .
It's almost too much to fathom.
 To all my sweet friends who have patiently been waiting for me to re-emerge
Thank You !
i  appreciate You.
Each One.
 Remember the Socks i hung on the wall because my feet were too Swollen?
They Now Fit!!
but i can't show you .....
because of this last battle with Chemicals/field burning,
over the last month in particular ...
(i think i've been sloughing off another layer of stored stuff )
... my skin is a Mess!
 a horrible reaction to mosquito bites..
 more fire ant attacks :<
 i haven't been ladylike
At All
& shaved my hairy legs.
 i'm just NOT going to,
 for a bit more.
i tried.
Nothing like the feeling of
off ones skin!
Sorry to be so graphic
but that's what it feels like.
But my Feet are almost back to normal
whatever that is.

NOT that anyone could ever accuse me of bee-ing
(or is that Nermal ?)

I'll bee catching up on things here soon hopefully...
all your lovely, lovely, lovely blogs.

So Much to Do
So little Time!

Be sure to:



Our ultimate freedom,
is in



(9)He who has an ear
let him hear.

(10)If anyone is to go into captivity,
into captivity he will go.
If anyone is to be killed with the sword,
with the sword he will be killed. 

This calls for patient endurance
and faithfulness on the part of
the saints.
Revelation 13:9,10

 I come like a thief!
Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him,
so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed."
Revelation 16:15

loves & Buzz's


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You Sir,
      Amazing how fast time goes isn't it.

  2. Happy Birthday dear Kare! I just celebrated #59 last Saturday. Something else we have in common, October birthdays!!! Keeping you in my prayers and hope all the yuck is better real soon. I've been missing you! Tinybug is doing well; she's 2 months old now and still hasn't hit 10 pounds yet. Gonna be a petite little princess I think.

    1. Thank You Mamabug.. Sorry i wasn't very clear; my B-day happened in July..oops! but we still have More in common... Hub-Bee turned 59 in June this year..So you are the same age as the Love of my life! That's a Great thing to share!! i didn't blog on my B-day because i was, OH, i don't know![ ... Give Tinybug and her Mama a great big Hugg from Auntie-iz.
      Luv & Buzz'

  3. Hugs to you! Did i read that right that the BD was actually in July? Whichever, hope it was/is a lovely day! Love you!

    1. Thank You Kathryn,
      YES! That BD happened in July...i didn't make that very clear...i mean WHO blogs about thier B-day Months AFTER the fact???
      Oh Yeah...mE!!)
      Such is the life of a Bumbley Bee; Aye?
      Happy Days
      Love You Too!

  4. Greetings Kare, it's good to hear from you on my blog and bee drawn back to yours :) Did you say you'd like some Beeswax or would you just enjoy some unscented Beeswax candles? I'll bee working on that kind of stuff if you'd like me to make you a couple.

    Hope you are getting better everyday!

    Hugs, Jan

    1. YeS! i would Love to buy some unscented candles from you! IF you have some extra. i've been a bit leary of online sources of beezwax/candles because you never really know what they put in them. What a lovely thing to live next to Beekeepers!
      You are SO industrious!
      Huggs & Buzz'

  5. Happy Birthday.. Kare you are so young. I am approaching 70, and to some, I am young also. I would like to share something with you and I pray it helps you. xxx

    I believe in Vitamin C so looked this up for you. Much love sent. Crystal xxxxxxx