Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go Merry Go

Nothin' like sittin' in one place ...
goin' round in circles!
If there were a such a thing as
this is the way it would go....
we just plop our butts down
 in one spot
and each day is like the whirl of this playground toy..
we wake up
go to sleep
wake up;
 still us ..
 still sittin'
in one place
goin' round in
if we die overnight or otherwise
we don't know it...
we just keep goin 'round.


Just bee-ing a Sillosopher!)

This is my favorite spot in a little roadside park out in the middle of the desert.
from here i can see the mountains
scan the brush
listen for Quail
the most important preparations for the day
.. or evening.
B.B. is a good sport and gives me a push sometimes.
i prefer to go backwards.
to feel a bit out of control.
just hang out & roll along
i used to ride my horse backward sometimes too.
i know all the reasons one shouldn't
but backward seems to be something i excel at.
When we drove truck
that was my talent.
Backing that rig into the loading dock...
sometimes down around corners.
Alley docks.
my challenge and my fun.
it was allot like sitting on a
Merry Go Round.
child's play.



  1. Aww, such fun reading this post today! Sending you lots of smiles and hugs from me!

  2. Hello Kare, I remember getting onto one of these as a child. All our playgrounds have different things to play on now,but I still remember this. Hugs friend.

  3. I used to get to dizzy :-) Funny to see when I got off and tried to walk :-)
    If I pick up a magazine, well, not often but when I do, I go to the back and work my way forward...
    To get on a horse would be good, wouldn't matter which way. AS LONG AS I AM ON :-)
    :-) X X X