Sunday, April 15, 2012

"It just So happened"

the face of love
You wouldn't know by looking at,
 or talking with him
 my Sweetheart is a
year survivor.
He was diagnosed and treated in the most aggressive manner of the day for a
cancerous Brain tumor.
The treatment alone could have killed him.
But Thanks be to God
 this man stands today as a
 Testament to the will,
 Hope of the spirit
the Grace of God.
my goal is to get my Sweetie B' to sit down and share his miracle here ..
His favorite line is:
 "It just So Happened" 
the gist is his story of redemption:
How God sometimes has to get us laying flat on our backs
before we look up. 
Sometimes it's painfull
but it's always
in Gods timing and way.
The best thing we can do is to put ourselves in His hands.

i am so blessed that the
Love of my Life
was given the miracle of a new lease on life. 
 my new life began when we met and decided
our lives were meant to be shared
 as one.
& so i have been privileged to share in this miracle.
Still the miracle spreads
as i make the extra effort 
 to live each day
in a way that builds up
rather than tares down.
The pain from the fibromyalgia and the inconvenience of this sensitivity to chemicals sometimes drags me into a pit of negativity...
my Husband is
So sweet and patient with me,
 always bringing a sweet word,
 a silly saying
or just his knowing smile
& tons of prayers 
He's been through pain.. horrific pain!!
He's been through the
 "Valley of the shadow".
He's laid his life down at the feet of
and been given the
"Gift of another lifetime"
a New Creation in Christ.
& So
in my struggle to keep my mind on things above
i remember what this Dear man has gone through...
How can i be any less grateful?
 i get to wake up every day
and live it with the knowledge that
It just SO happened


is in Christ, he is a New





the new

has come!"

2nd Corinthians 5:17

Thanks for blessing me
with your visit here today.

& Buzz'z


  1. Replies
    1. God is Good.
      Thank you for being here!

  2. Kare what a blessing to share your life with this wonderful man! Thanks for sharing his story. I think both of you are pretty special!!!

    1. You inspire us with your beautiful pictures showing Gods miracles.

      Thank you for being here for us!

  3. Love you dear. And i understand too well. I pray that things continue to improve for you.

    1. Love & Blessings Kathryn, it helps to share our trials & triumphs.
      Thank You for bee-ing here.

  4. I had no idea and I'm so grateful to God for your Bill too :) he's a wonderful person God is using in all our lives. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, you are a blessing in our lives to Kare :) Best wishes my friend!