Friday, July 15, 2011

No Comment

For some Crazy reason i have Yet to figure out...
 i have not been able to respond to comments on This here blog of mine .... So i am sorry if it seems i've snubbed you, Dear friends.
 Also there are a few blogs i follow that no longer show i follow them... ??
Does that make a lick of sense?
i'm all but certain it's something i'm doing the wrong way or ??? Since most of my time is still spent in that Fog bank they now call Fibro-fog, it's difficult to know.
 What a weird state of mind it is!!
 i used to apologize endlessly for this state of Bee-ing i am often in, but anymore it's just The way it is... and i'm tired of beeing the "Sorriest" person on planet Earth...
Actually... i have my own planet now ... We call it Zupitorb... with it's two moons... Otip and Itorb.
So now, Is this Bizzaar enough for you?
Anyway that's where i spend a large part of my time ...
on Zupitorb or somewhere in it's orbit.
Zoning out.... with the kiddles... Abbys, Slippersdoodles & CocoMOco-coco.
My body stays on planet Dirt...
 i mean ... Earth.
Someones got to do the chores after all!))
It's not like i'm gonna disturb her Abbys-ness when she's doing her best impression of an
upside-down bearskin rug.
Thanks Y'all
for 'Bearing' with me/us.
(pun intended;p)
i'll still comment on your Blogs if they let me...

"Be completely humble and gentle;
 be patient,
with one another in love."
Ephesians 4:2

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  1. Hey Kare! Don't despare; I think it's a problem with blogger. It's still acting wacky as far as I'm concerned. Last week all my followers disappeared for a while and then they were back. Abby is quite adorable doing her bearskin rug impression. Give her belly a scratch from me!