Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Lazer beams...Sssinge-ing my heart and soul....... that the gist of it?
.....Yes, i think it's quite right ....
Yes i think these qualify for Lazer beams of some furrosity!
Probly 'cause i can't spell rite naow! huh?
Mee..aowch ??? Owe !
These kitty eyes really burn a whole BIG hole into the very soles of my soulless shoes and heart! oooh..not good.

Funny thing about this picture but i could swear it's exactly what i see when i look into the mirror!

This is a good picture of how i feel about myself this week... this moment in time.
A blog i follow: Tabitha Birds "Through My Eyes" had talked recently about finding our "inner cat"....(i love Tabithas Blog!)
i made a silly comment about my B.B. being Tigger and me being Eeyore as of late... but this photo of our dear sweet MiLd mannered little Angel kitty, our Slippersdoodles .... Really serves as my reflexion at this moment.
i have been This, this week. ALL this week!

my Tigger 'Hub-Bee' has done all he can to retain the bounce in his effervescently springy bouncy self... and this is what he see's when he looks at me...
........our dear little girl here reserves this glare for din-din not forthcoming from the "sharing table" time... Megga beggar this little one!

And what's mY problem??? ...............i think the Grinch may have come early....

i'll share more about my Attitude and need for an adjustment soon... but suffice it to say....
Grinch Happens???

Pray for Tigger  ... he's got a chance at a new job in ministry coming up... & wifeypoo needs to take a nice pill...or something. :[
Perhaps lazer surgery on her heart? a mind transplant? i need to think warm & fuzzy... sweet little kitty... nice soft, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Would SOMEONE please turn down the lights??


  1. Yikes! I would hate to meet up with "Mee-Ouch" the kitty in a dark alley! :-)


  2. Hi Kare! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for your hubby; I'll keep him in my prayers. As for you my dear, you don't need an attitude adjustment. Just some extra TLC and lots of hugggsss!!! This time of the year it's easy to get the blues, I know that's true for me. Just remember you're a special lady in God's eyes and you are very much loved. Sending you lots of special hugs this morning!

  3. Hi Old Geezer, Isn't "Mee-owch" kitty something?)) She really has Catitude!>
    Thanks for helping lighten my mood.

    Thanks for the TLC Mama-Bug, i guess we all have missing pieces that seem somehow bigger in the glare of the holiday spotlights. Perhaps i misunderstood the saying; was it "Tidings of good Tears"?
    God Bless You my Friends <3